Snow Activities

We have not had a lot of snow this winter but here are some ideas from of things to do with young children in the snow.

1. Make targets in the snow with hula hoops or by drawing in the snow with a big stick. Have a snowball tossing contest to see who can score the most points.

2. Host a scavenger hunt. Hide a ball or a carrot or something brightly-colored in the snow. Give the kids clues to find it.

3. Paint the snow using food coloring and paint brushes or colored water in a spray bottle.

4. Play ice cream shop. Find a clear, clean patch of snow and bring out your ice cream scooper and some ice cream cones. (Make sure to point out which snow is OK to eat and which isn’t.)

5. Don’t forget your feathered friends. Make a bird feeder out of pine cone slathered with peanut butter and dipped in birdseed. Hang from a snowy branch.

6. Look for animal tracks and guess what type of animal made them.

7. Make a snow mini-golf course. Bury plastic cups and see if you can get a hole in one. If you don’t have a golf club or hitting the ball is too hard, try rolling the ball in.

8. Haul out shovels and pails from the summer and make snow castles.

9. Speaking of summer gear, take out the tubes and boogie boards too. See who can slide the furthest on the slick surface.

10. Put on your biggest pair of snow boots and hike out a path in the snow. See if the kids can stay in your footprints.

11. Play follow the leader and attempt to skip, run and hop in the snow with your kids behind you, doing the same things.

12. If possible, gather up pine cones, rocks, sticks and other outside materials. Make art with what you find.

13. You’ve played pin the tail on the donkey, now try to put the nose on the snowman!

14. Play tic tac toe. Draw the board in the snow with a stick and use pine cones and rocks for the x’s and o’s.

15. Play freeze tag. The person who is “it” must try to tag the other players. Once you are tagged, you must “freeze” in place until another player tags you and sets you free. Once all the players have been tagged, choose someone else to be “it.”

Have fun!

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