Playing with Shapes

Here is an activity to use in school or at home to help children learn to recognize geometric shapes and positional words such as outside and inside.

Use masking tape to create large circle, square, triangle and rectangle shapes on the floor of a large open area in your room. Be sure the shapes are big enough for several children to move around in comfortable.

Play some music and tell children to move to the music,  jumping in and out of the shapes as the music plays and stop when you call, “Freeze!”

When the children freeze, identify those that are inside a shape and those that are outside a shape. For example, “Paul and Nancy are inside the circle. Kerry and Juan are outside the circle, Gary is inside the triangle.”

Restart the music and repeat the fame for several rounds. As the children learn the game instead of stating who is inside or outside the shapes, ask the children, “Who is is inside the circle?” or Who is outside the rectangle?” and so on.

Additional Idea:

Take this activity outside. Draw shapes with chalk on the sidewalk. Have the children walk outside the shapes until you say a shape name. Then the children run to the shape.

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