Community Connections

by Mary on October 2, 2013 Filed under: Family Information,News

community connection

Community Connections is an innovative approach to provide services to people who need them most, where they need them most—in their community. Community Connections offices are human service centers in an initial four locations around Montgomery County—Willow Grove, Pottstown, Lansdale and Norristown. Community Connections will build a stronger partnership between government, community organizations and families to foster better service and care.


Navicates are skilled human service professionals who can provide residents who need some type of human services with information and assistance in identifying services that will help them with needs such as health, housing, senior supports, child care, veterans affairs, supports for individuals with behavioral health or developmental disabilities or child, family or elder protective services. Residents will work with the same Navicate during their interaction with Community Connections allowing the Navicate to serve as both a navigator of the system and an advocate for the individual throughout the process. Navicates will be located at the County Community Connections offices.

Who should call a Navicate?
Any Montgomery County resident in need of human services. If you need a service from a specific county agency and already know where to call, you can always contact that agency directly. Community Connections is designed for individuals who are not sure what services may be available or where to turn.

Is there a cost to talk to a Navicate?
No. The Navicates are employees of Montgomery County government.  For more information, click here.

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