Summer Kindergarten Readiness Program

Summer Kindergarten Readiness Programs! Sign up now

Is your child starting kindergarten in Pottstown School District this fall? You can sign them up for a Pre-K Counts Summer Kindergarten Readiness program in July or August to give them a little help. See the information on the flyer below and sign up!

Summer Kindergarten Readiness Fun

Take a look at some of the fun activities in our Pre-K Counts Summer Kindergarten Readiness classes. If you have a child entering Pottstown School District Kindergarten next year, watch for information in the spring about registering for the summer program.

Transitions with Language and Literacy

Pre-K classes spend a lot of time in transition… longer transitions such as those around lunch, snack, and naptime and many shorter transitions between activities such as singing, an opening activity, or reading a book leading into a follow up activity. These transitions are wonderful…