Announcing “PEAK Summer School!”

Pottstown families,

Today, we launched “PEAK Summer School” on our Facebook page. Each day throughout the rest of summer, we’ll be posting a new fun and educational activity for you to complete with your Pre-K Counts or soon-to-be Kindergarten student.

These activities will range from arts and crafts to science experiments to light physical exercise, to reading. Most of the “PEAK Summer School” assignments will also prompt you to do “homework.” But don’t worry, because that will simply consist of you sending us pictures of your finished activity or project with your child(ren).

The “PEAK Summer School” activities are intended to reinforce Pre-K Counts classroom learning while providing a fun bonding time with the adults in a child’s life.

To participate, follow us on Facebook, check out our daily activities, complete them with your child, and share your results with us. We will also post our activities on Twitter, and there will be weekly activity videos on our YouTube channel. Your photos or videos can be shared by commenting on the activity Facebook post, by tagging us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, or by using the hashtag #PEAKSummerSchool.

We look forward to seeing the fun you have with your Pre-K or future Kindergartner this summer!

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